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Is It Fair?

Author Dr. Jay S. Patel


The book "Franchising is it Fair? How to negotiate an equitable franchise agreement" stands out as a unique and valuable resource in the realm of franchise literature. While there are numerous books providing guidance on how to buy a franchise, this particular book takes a distinctive approach by focusing specifically on the critical aspect of negotiating an equitable franchise agreement.

Offering hard-hitting and practical advice, the book addresses the often complex and one-sided nature of franchise agreements. Many of the rules, requirements, and conditions embedded within these agreements can be challenging for individuals, and the author provides insights that go beyond the typical understanding. Notably, the book caters to both current and prospective franchisees, making it a valuable guide for navigating the intricacies of franchise agreements within the hospitality industry and beyond.

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This book is written for businesspeople, not lawyers. Specifically, it is written for those who are either buying a franchise for the first time or who are renewing their existing franchise agreement.



There are many good Franchisors but there are those who are opportunitist and who only care to please wall street and their shareholders.



Once a prospective franchisee executes the franchise agreements their rigths are reduced in accordance to the contract. One must understand what they are agreeing too.

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